How Do Plantation Shutters Work?

Plantation shutters work by using louvers (horizontal slats) that can be adjusted using a tilt bar or rod to control the amount of light and privacy in a room. Plantation shutters can also be opened and closed completely to allow complete access to the window. They are typically mounted on hinges, which allow them to swing open like a door.

  • Why Are They Called Plantation Shutters?

    Plantation shutters get their name from their popularity in the large plantation homes of the southern United States. These homes typically had many windows and the plantation shutters helped to control the sunlight, heat, and humidity. Plantation shutters were traditionally made of wood with wide louvers, which was critical for the hot and humid climate of the southern United States.

  • What Is The Best Material For Plantation Shutters?

    Plantation shutters can be crafted from many materials, including composite or vinyl, but the most durable, practical, and beautiful choice is real hardwood. Hardwood is strong, durable, and stable, making it a great option for window coverings that will be in frequent use. Hardwood is also highly customizable to match a variety of styles and aesthetics. All our plantation shutters are made from the finest basswood that is charming and built to last.

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