Why Real Wood Shutters?  

Most faux wood/composite shutters are comprised mostly of compressed wood and sawdust that's been fused together with a ton of chemicals and then covered with a thin vinyl covering to help mask what's really underneath. Interior grade MDF materials are commonly known to quickly disintegrate if they ever get wet and are also extremely heavy so they tend to have the most sagging and bowing issues. There are also hybrid shutters where wood and faux wood materials are mixed together. Faux wood shutters are marketed as being environmental friendly while in reality the faux-wood manufacturing process is mostly made from bi-products of oil and gas which creates pollution and toxic waste. Many consumers of faux-wood shutters initially have a good experience, they often find that over the years the color of the material can in fact fade, yellow or discolor, scratch, and even stain. In fact, most faux-wood shutters are now painted with a finish coat to keep them from discoloring. These materials will often become brittle with age and sun exposure which actually makes them more prone to breakage and cracking than their wood counterparts. Faux woods also tend to be a very heavy material, often twice the weight of wood which can actually "sag" in the window after time has passed. PVC, MDF and other similar materials have also been found to emit their internal toxins into your homes once heated or exposed to the sun from your windows.

 Today, most faux-wood products are sold by big retailers often selling by the volume cutting out wood product in order to maintain a presence in the market place. Unfortunately their motivator is a high profit margin, not the quality of their brand. Our mission is to always put customer satisfaction and quality ahead of our profits! Choosing real wood shutters not only adds beauty and value to your home, but it will also help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, you'll have more control of the amount of light that comes into your home, and they are easier to maintain compared to blinds.

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