• Basswood shutters are plantation shutters crafted from the real hardwood of the basswood tree. Basswood is a type of hardwood that is light in weight, but is extremely strong and durable, making it the ideal material for manufacturing plantation shutters. Featuring a fine and uniform texture with a straight grain, basswood is easy to work with and finish to a smooth surface. The wood's light color allows for versatile customization options, including staining, painting, or leaving it in its natural state. With proper care, basswood shutters can last for many years. The wood's durability and resistance to warping contribute to their longevity, making them a worthwhile investment. Learn more about why you should choose basswood shutters. Basswood shutters offer a combination of aesthetic appeal, durability, and functionality, making them a popular choice for homeowners looking for high-quality window coverings. Whether you prefer a natural wood finish or a custom paint or stain, basswood shutters can enhance the beauty and functionality of your windows while adding value to your home.

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Is Basswood Good for Shutters?

Basswood is an excellent material for manufacturing shutters. It is a high quality hardwood that is lightweight and easy to work with, but also strong and durable. It is easy to finish to a smooth surface due to the uniform texture and straight grain. Basswood is known for its strength, making it a reliable choice for shutters that can withstand everyday use. It has good structural integrity, minimizing the risk of damage or deformation. Not only is basswood extremely versatile, but it is a beautiful and affordable option for homeowners as well. Basswood shutters are relatively low-maintenance. They can be dusted or wiped down with a soft cloth or duster regularly to keep them clean. If necessary, they can be spot-cleaned with a mild soap solution and dried thoroughly. You can learn more about proper basswood shutter maintenance here.

  • Are Basswood Shutters Good Quality?

    Yes, basswood shutters are of good quality. Basswood is a popular choice for shutters due to its desirable characteristics and suitability for manufacturing high-quality window coverings. Basswood is highly durable, stable, and strong, making it resistant to warping and breakage. Basswood has a naturally smooth and consistent grain, allowing for a refined and elegant finish. This smooth surface makes basswood shutters visually appealing and easy to clean. Basswood shutters provide excellent insulation and light control. When closed, they create a barrier against heat, cold, and external noise. The adjustable louvers allow for precise control over the amount of light and privacy desired. When maintained properly, basswood plantation shutters can survive the lifetime of your home. Basswood can also be painted or stained to match any aesthetic, while remaining affordable for homeowners.

  • Which is Better Basswood or Polycore Plantation Shutters?

    The choice between basswood and polycore largely depends on personal preference. Both are excellent options for high quality window coverings that are low maintenance and durable. However, there is no substitute for the traditional look and beauty of real hardwood plantation shutters. Learn more about why you should choose real hardwood plantation shutters.